Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Services Provided

  • Evaluated and prepared applicability determinations in regards to relevant regulations such as NSPS OOOO and Fort Berthold Indian Reservation Federal Implementation Plan (FIP).
  • Provided guidance to client on compliance/costing strategies as required under applicable regulations.
  • Developed monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting compliance programs.
  • Developed emissions tracking database and recordkeeping depository for permitted facilities.
  • Performed facility inspections to assist operators maintain compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Prepared and submitted NSR synthetic minor permit applications, GHG reports, and state-specific annual emission inventories.

Managed the air compliance and permitting program for oil and gas exploration and production operations in Montana and North Dakota, including operations occurring on tribal lands. The program involved tracking of production and associated emissions, preparing and submitting annual emission inventories and GHG reports, assisting with the development and implementation of a monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting program under EPA’s jurisdiction on tribal lands and the performance of facility inspections to help the operators maintain compliance with various air requirements.

Developed an interactive air emissions database for tracking associated emissions on a 12-month rolling basis, which may also be used as a tool for forecasting permitting requirements.