Water Compliance Program Training

Services Provided

  • Overview of the history of water compliance programs as their evolution into current regulations.
  • Detailed breakdown of applicable stormwater program requirements based on facility-specific permits and acceptable methodology for sample collection.
  • One-on-one and group training in a hands-on setting for acceptable inspection techniques and sample collection.

Project consisted of an in depth review of the facility’s stormwater permit for the development of a tailored training presentation on stormwater compliance requirements. Additionally, hands-on training was provided to field staff on:

  • The proper use and methods of sample collection, including sample handling, equipment calibration, decontamination procedures, chain of custody preparation and sample shipment.
  • The required inspection criteria and application of such criteria to the various stormwater management components to be inspected.
  • The completion and implementation of corrective actions following routine inspections, sampling or monitoring of stormwater management components.