Asphalt Terminal Facility Response Plan Development

Services Provided

  • Developed and certified SPCC Plan for a bulk asphalt and emulsions facility.
  • Evaluated worst-case discharge planning distances calculations for a catastrophic release from the facility’s largest tank.
  • Utilized Overland Flow model to predict discharge distances and volumes.
  • Developed a Facility Response Plan based on the impacts from the Overland Flow model output.

In addition to the development of an SPCC Plan for this facility, Aquionix professionals identified the need to evaluate whether a discharge from the facility would cause injury to fish and wildlife sensitive environments. Using the Overland Flow model for asphalt oil spills, it was determined that this facility should prepare a Facility Response Plan (FRP) consistent with the requirements in 40 CFR Part 110.

Aquionix engineers prepared an FRP for the facility and assisted with the identification of an emergency response contractor in the area that could deploy the required amount of boom to protect identified fish and wildlife areas within the specified timeframe.