Oil and Gas Baseline Groundwater Sampling

Services Provided

  • Provided permitting support in the identification of available watersources for sampling in accordance with state requirements.
  • Acted as the primary point of contact for landowners.
  • Drafted and obtained access agreements from landowners prior to sampling activities.
  • Sampled water sources (i.e., seeps, groundwater wells etc.) for compliance with state requirements.

In accordance with state regulations, Aquionix supported oil and gas operators in the Denver-Julesburg Basin with a baseline groundwater sampling program. Aquionix was responsible for contacting and scheduling sampling from the residential homes identified as having groundwater sources within a ½ mile radius of a proposed oil and gas production well. Samples were collected following the established protocols and submitted to an accredited laboratory for analysis. For each well that was sampled, Aquionix prepared a sample summary that included information about the water source location, landowner comments and requested analytical.