Wastewater Sampling and Compliance Support

Services Provided

  • Evaluated wastewater permit conditions and developed a monitoring and sampling program to meet conditions.
  • Acted as the liaison between the facility and regulatory body for permit negotiations.
  • Generated sample summaries based on the required permit condition frequency detailing the wastewater discharge characteristics and laboratory analysis.

In conjunction with personnel at a beverage canning facility, Aquionix provided permitting support services from negotiation with the discharge permitting authority to periodic sampling services to scheduled report writing and submittal. The facility permit required quarterly compliance sampling for the purpose of maintaining compliance with their wastewater discharge permit, for which Aquionix performed using our automated sampling devices. Following each sampling event, Aquionix provided support to the facility in the form of negotiation and communication with the permitting authority. Based on the support we provided, the facility has maintained compliance and a healthy relationship with the permitting authority over the past several years.