Water Compliance and Permitting

Our staff members have developed and implemented hundreds of comprehensive water programs for private and municipal clients that require a thorough understanding and interpretation of applicable regulations. We have been tasked with performing applicability determinations for water compliance regulations for surface and ground water, have successfully developed compliance and management programs, and have been integral in client permit application, modification and termination processes. Our field services division has more than 25 years of sampling experience to support a variety of sampling requirements under Federal, state and local regulations. Specifically, Aquionix has assisted clients with:

  • Wastewater discharge permitting
  • Stormwater permit applications, modifications and terminations
  • Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) development
  • Stormwater inspection and program review
  • Stormwater sampling, monitoring and reporting
  • Stormwater control/BMP installation and maintenance
  • Groundwater permitting
  • Industrial discharge monitoring
  • Discharge monitoring reporting (DMR)
  • Drinking water, groundwater, stormwater and wastewater sampling and monitoring
  • Drinking water compliance program development and maintenance
  • Drinking water and groundwater monitoring well installation and abandonment
  • Water treatment system design, installation, operation and maintenance
  • Regulatory mediation and fine negotiation

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