Aquionix's technicians and engineers have over 75 years of experience  performing and managing environmental sampling projects. 

WasteWateR sampling

  • State and local disharge permit sampling (NPDES/40 CFR 136)
  • Wastewater discharge baseline and characterization programs
  • Composite (flow and time), batch and grab sampling
  • Extended flow monitoring projects

stormwater Sampling

  •  Federal and state storm water permit sampling
  • Field insections
  • BMP maintenance and installati

Groundwater Sampling

  • Permit and regulatory required groundwater sampling
  • Reclamation project
  • Seeps and springs sampling

Surface Water Sampling

  •  Lakes, ponds and rivers
  • Drainage studies
  • Catchments, containments, diversions and sumps

Waste / Solids Sampling

  • Soil characterizations
  • Waste sampling (RCRA)

Drinking Water Sampling

  • Primary Drinking Water Regulations  sampling

baseline water monitoring

Aquionix technicians assist both large and small oil and gas companies document water quality conditions through baseline water monitoring.  Click Here To Learn More.

Call Matt Luthi or Chris Abeyta at 303-289-7520 to learn more about how we can help meet your sampling needs.