Ecesis® is an EHS software solution that simplifies compliance with environmental and safety requirements by helping companies:  

  • Improve Efficiency - Use built-in tools such as automated reminders, containment calculators, mobile inspections, incident reporting apps to improve efficiency.

  • Identify Risks - Proactively identify environmental and safety risks through simple-to-use change management processes, JHA and PPE Assessment forms and unsafe condition reports.

  • Communicate Requirements - Understand and communicate compliance obligations and easily demonstrate compliance using built-in online and mobile training and news solutions.

  • Track Performance - Centralization of EHS-related data (incidents, compliance obligations, equipment, tasks, etc.) allows for tracking and trending of leading and lagging indicators.

  • Stay Ahead of Changes - Ecesis® includes change management, chemical approval and document approval tools that help you stay ahead of changes to ensure continued compliance.

  • Demonstrate Compliance - Easily demonstrate compliance with safety and environmental regulations with comprehensive reporting, data queries and exporting.

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