Oil Well

Aquionix conducts baseline water sampling for compliance with Colorado Oil and Gas Commission (COGCC) and Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission (WOGCC) Regulations.  Specific services we provide include:

  • Locating available groundwater wells to sample
  • Generating and developing Sampling and Analysis Plans (Form 1C in Wyoming)
    • Submitting Sundry Notices (if no water sources are available)
  • Coordinating sample collection with well owners (Land Owner Liaison)
    • Obtaining Access Agreements
    • Scheduling sampling time
  • Sample collection
    • Using approved EPA Methods
    • Field parameter collection (pH, Temperature, Turbidity, Conductivity)
    • Preservation of samples and delivery to approved laboratory
    • Chain of Custody
  • Laboratory Coordination
    • Quality control and data validation
  • Reporting of data
    • To Well owner
    • To Regulatory Agency
  • Management of subsequent sampling timelines

Call Matt Luthi or Chris Abeyta at 303-289-7520 with general questions or to schedule a sampling event.

Aquionix also provides a wide range of environmental and safety consulting services to the oil and gas industry.  Please see our Oil and Gas Page for additional information.

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